Dog Leash for Pulling Large Dogs – Idealeash


Dog Leash for Pulling Large Dogs – Idealeash


Idealeash connects you and your dog in the safest and the most comfortable way. Furthermore, It is designed by professionals and scientists to help in loose leash walking training.

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  • What's included?
  • Why IDEALEASH Trekking?
  • Guarantee
  • Patented Shock Absorption System – prevents pulling on the leash
  • Patented Chew Stop Cover – protects the rope from being chewed
  • Smooth Length Adjustment – to adjust easily
  • Small dog or puppy keeps biting the leash
  • Puppy chews on leash
  • You need easy adjustable dog leash
  • You need comfortable dog leash for running
  • Dog pulling on the leash

Lifetime shock absorber/chew stop cover guarantee. If you will have an issue with our systems, we will repair them or replace them.

A leash that reduces pulling

Unique design combines durability and power of spring with flexibility and lightweight of the standard bungee rope. Reduces the risk of injuries and muscle strains.

Bungee-Z System absorbs the power of rapid pulls. The more the dog pulls, the more resistance he feels! On top of that – the leash always stays in shape – it stretches to 15cm/6in.


To stop the dog from biting the leash

The system prevents the rope from being chewed and ripped.

The leash is built concerning jaw anatomy, making it simply impossible for your dog to chew. IDEALEASH is free from electric shock devices or harmful substances and a carefully designed cover protects your dog’s gums and keeps the rope from its reach.

Our research has shown that the part of the leash most exposed to chewing by a dog is not more than 70 cm (27,5 in) from the collar. We kept it in mind when designing the cover – and we give you a 100% guarantee that your dog will not chew our system.


Leash is easy adjustable and can be used hands-free

It’s very simple: you place two yellow tubes anywhere on the leash. You have an additional small carabiner next to the handle of the leash – stick it between the yellow tubes and enjoy the desired length of the leash! You can adjust the leash around the waist or over the shoulder in exactly the same way.

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