IDEALEASH Flextender Adapter for medium dogs – MEDIUM

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IDEALEASH Flextender Adapter for medium dogs – MEDIUM


The only accessory you need 2-in-1: an amazing leash extension to solve the problem of a dog pulling and chewing on a leash, and a universal seat belt adapter to transport your dog safely.

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  • What's included?
  • As a car adapter
  • Guarantee
  • Patented Shock Absorption System – prevents pulling on the leash
  • Patented Chew Stop Cover – protects the rope from being chewed
  • Safe dog car travel with one simple device
  • Universal dog car seat belt
  • Full freedom to sit on the backseat or on the floor
  • Reduces the bad effects of accidents and sudden braking (neck injuries, etc.)
  • Does not allow the dog to dangerously lean out of the window
  • Does not allow the dog to go to the front seat and disturb the driver

Lifetime shock absorber/chew stop cover guarantee. If you will have an issue with our systems, we will repair them or replace them.

A leash that reduces pulling & safe dog car seat belt

As a (retractable) leash extension

Unique design combines durability and power of spring with flexibility and lightweight of the standard bungee rope. Reduces the risk of injuries and muscle strains.
Bungee-Z System absorbs the power of rapid pulls. The more the dog pulls, the more resistance he feels! On top of that – the leash always stays in shape – it stretches to 15cm/6in.

As a dog car solution

The system absorbs shocks caused by a car’s sudden braking, an accident, or a dog’s pulling (when he wants to go to the front of the car or lean out of the window). The stronger the pulling force, the more resistance the dog will feel. The Flextender will stretch to a maximum of 15 centimeters.


To stop the dog from biting the leash & indestructible dog seat belt

As a leash add-on

Chew Stop System is free from electric shock devices or harmful substances and a carefully designed cover protects your dog’s gums and keeps the rope from its reach.

Our research has shown that the part of the leash most exposed to biting by a dog is not more than 70 cm (27,5 in) from the collar. We kept it in mind when designing the cover – and we give you a 100% guarantee that your dog will not chew the rope inside the cover.

As a dog car belt

Freeing your dog while traveling by car can have huge consequences. A dog may lean out of a window, but most of all, it may move to the front seat and distract the driver, which in many cases will result in an accident.
That’s why is so important that the device is 100% effective and safe for the dog. The Chew Stop System covers the entire length of the Flextender and thanks to its unique design, the dog cannot reach the rope with its teeth. No worries, he doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort – we have studied the structure of the dog’s jaws very carefully and used the fact that the dog cannot move its jaw horizontally.

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