Leash Features

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Bungee-Z System

Effectively reduces pulling force

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Chew Stop System

Prevents the rope from being chewed on

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Easy length adjustment

Adjust the leash easily

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Muscle Core Rope

Extreme durability

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Shock Absorption System: reduces pulling force

The harder that the dog pulls, the more resistance he feels.
Our progressive spring resistance technology not only helps you to protect your joints and stops loosening the leash over time, but it also protects your furry friend from muscle strains and injuries.

Chew Stop System: prevents the rope from being chewed on

A cover that protects and keeps the rope from the dog’s jaws reach.
Chew proof IDEALEASH is free from electric shocks devices or harmful substances. The leash is built in relation to jaw anatomy, making it simply impossible for your dog to chew on the cover.

Smart Length Adjustment: adjusts easily

Yellow sliders and additional buckle provide simple and easy adjustability for length. It can be used hands-free: wrap the leash around your waist to enjoy a run or any task you need both hands!

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“Muscle Core” Rope

The IDEALEASH rope is made of carefully selected materials in a solid weave that protects the core. The interior part in motion resembles the movement of human skeletal muscles, which is why our rope is extremely flexible and extremely comfortable to use.







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