Frequently Asked Questions

Will IDEALEASH suit my dog? How to choose the right size of the IDEALEASH?

The size of the IDEALEASH should be chosen based on the weight of the dog. Based on our infographic you can find the recommended weight ranges. There are two weight ranges: from 10kg/22lbs to 20kg/44lbs and from 20kg/44lbs to 60kg/132lbs.

If your dog is slightly below the weight range but is pulling heavily, then select a larger size. The same rule applies to dogs under 10kg/22lbs but pulling strongly – a MIDI leash will be good!

Is IDEALEASH suitable for running?

Of course! We recommend it for recreational running as well as for intermediate runners. With the IDEALEASH leash, you can run hands-free – fasten it around your waist, and go!

Is IDEALEASH safe for me and my dog?

Yes, it is 100% safe – we took care of it already at the design stage of IDEALEASH. The structure of the cover makes the dog’s teeth slide off the overlay without causing pain or discomfort. We referred to the dog’s anatomy – the dog cannot move its jaws horizontally by clenching its jaws, and thanks to the spiral structure of the overlay, the dog is physically unable to clamp its jaws on it. No pain or chewing pleasure – this is how physics works, this is how IDEALEASH works!

Could my dog’s fur or my clothes become tangled on the leash?

It’s impossible. The space between the coils and the rope is so large that it is impossible to tangle up airy clothes, hair, or hair. We checked it thoroughly and so far none of our hundreds of customers has reported such a problem.

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