One leash to solve
all major problems

Our mission is to help you understand your dog better, train it more efficiently and make the dog walking fun again. We are confident to say that IDEALEASH is going to change yours and your dog’s life.


How it works

Meet our innovations

Bungee-Z Shock Absorption System

Unique design combines durability and power of spring with flexibility and lightweight of the standard bungee rope.

Bungee-Z System absorbs the power of rapid pulls. The more the dog pulls, the more resistance he feels!
While standard bungee leash stretches from 50cm/20in even to 1m/40in, IDEALEASH always stretches no more than 15cm/6in.

Bite Stop System

The leash is built concerning jaw anatomy, making it simply impossible for your dog to bite. IDEALEASH is free from electric shock devices or harmful substances and a carefully designed cover protects your dog’s gums and keeps the rope from its reach.

Intuitive Length Adjustment

We’ve all been there – having a leash which is only one length and we need to wrap the rope around our hand. Invented green sliders and additional buckles provide simple and easy adjustability for your preferred length and Idealeash can be used hands-free.

Why we are better

Bungee-Z Shock Absorption System


patented solution = one of a kind

Maximum stretch is only 15cm – it stays in shape.

When the dog pulls, it gives gentle resistance avoiding causing any injuries.


Other Bungee Leashes


Quickly loses its tension and stretches up to 1M.

Leash is permanently extended.

Chew Stop System


It’s 100% safe and humane for your furry friend.

It’s flexible, light, and strong at the same time.




It’s heavy and uncomfortable.

It has no flexibility, which is dangerous to dog’s teeth and neck.

Smarth Length Adjustment


It’s easily adjustable to your preferred length.

It’s designed with high-quality fibers to give you comfort.


Polypropylene Rope


It’s not durable and it’s a struggle to adjust the length.

Metal elements cause pain and can hurt your hand.

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Rediscover the pleasure of walking your dog again.
Train efficiently walking on a loose leash and don’t worry about chewing the rope!

What people are saying

My son’s dog has always been a terrible lead biter (…) This is great, he still bites it occasionally but it doesn’t hurt his mouth and seems intact after a few months!


Very well made the adjustable lead, I’ve used it short, as a normal lead for walking, mid and full length for Cani x. The “bite-proof” part of the lead has definitely stopped my cockerpoo from turning around and grabbing/chewing the lead whilst running, He tried it the first couple of times then very soon realized it didn’t taste good!


Good long lead, used mostly doubled upon itself (using handy built-in hook and clip for this purpose) and could unfold it for training work. Spring section near the dog stopped him chewing through (he is a repeat offender). I liked the stretchiness of rope and spring, as it absorbs the shock of him making a lurch for something, and meant I felt less prone to dislocating my shoulders.


So far so good, my lab/collie hasn’t managed to bite through this one, not for lack of trying. It’s comfortable to hold and can be worn around the waist.


How IDEALEASH benefits you?


No more wrist
or hand injuries


No more injuries
to your dog’s neck


Hand-free system option
for your comfort


High-Quality and durability –
one leash for years


Safe and enjoyable walks
with your best buddy


Perfect design to train walking
on a loose leash

From idea to IDEALEASH

Meet Lucas – Dog Training Instructor & Certified Canine Behaviourist, member of Companion Animal Science Institute and the President of the Association ‘Po To Jestem’ – a foundation in which trained dogs are therapists autistic children and, most importantly, THE MASTERMIND OF IDEALEASH.

There are many leashes on the market that are supposed to absorb dog’s pulling – we know that! But with IDEALEASH, you can be sure that the solution is unique because it is covered by patent protection.

In addition to that, the leash was invented by a man with true passion who has been working with dogs for over 17 years!

We’ve spent 5 years developing the leash, which will help you to train your dog. We worked closely with the University of Technology in Massachusetts to perfect our product, and now we are ready to pass it to your hands!

As a group of professional dog trainers and passionate dog lovers, we invented IDEALEASH, which will make it easier for you to teach your dog how to walk on the lead. We are confident to say that our reinvented dog lead will change yours and your dog’s life!

Enjoy your walk with Idealeash –
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